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Our infant classes are designed to provide the highest quality of care for your baby while providing them with opportunities to explore their world and develop new skills. Infant staff members are focused on providing loving care while helping babies meet developmental milestones. 


As children start to grow and become mobile, they are provided plenty of opportunities to engage with the world around them. Waddlers are beginning to transition to a daily schedule and are offered school lunches each day. Songs, rhymes and story time help facilitate early literacy skills.


Crafts, music and lots of interactive play keep our toddlers busy learning and growing. Toddlers eat lunch in our cafeteria, play outside on the playground, and are provided time for a daily nap. Each week the toddlers focus on a new theme to help them learn about their world and learn colors, shapes, and beginning literacy.


The two-year old curriculum introduces them to colors, shapes, numbers, and letters in a structured learning environment. K-2 students spend plenty of time with hands on activities, craft time, playing games, and practicing their developing gross motor skills. 


The three-year old students are ready to spend more focused time learning and developing early literacy skills. The ABeka curriculum continues to build on skills learned and expand knowledge of letters, numbers and early phonetic skills.

K-4 and VPK

Older students begin to prepare for Kindergarten. The ABeka curriculum focuses on letter sounds, emerging literacy skills, handwriting and early math skills. Our students work hard to be ready for Kindergarten! They also play hard with field trips, playground time, and extracurricular activities such as ballet, Playball and more.

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