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Music/Drama: BCA students present a school musical each spring and Christmas. All students participate in the choir and are given the opportunity to perform solos. Students in third grade and up may audition for speaking parts. 


Kindergarten uses Abeka Book curriculum. First grade through Eighth grade uses a combination of Abeka Book and Bob Jones University curriculum. Abeka is a Bible-based curriculum that builds a strong foundation in early literacy skills as well as math, science, and history. BJU offers a Biblically sound and academically advanced curriculum so students may further build their foundation.



Our methodology is to provide a Christian loving environment which encourages students to strive for excellence on their journey through life.



Our teachers and staff are highly skilled and trained individuals whose passion is to teach children the Christian way of life.



The Abeka History


Over four decades ago, Dr. Arlin Horton and his wife, Beka, started Abeka with the goal of providing high-quality traditional educational materials that would give students at their Christian school in Pensacola, Florida, a solid foundation for excellence in academics and success in life. At Pensacola Christian Academy—one of the largest Christian schools in America—teachers and parents have seen for several decades the excellent results of learning with ABeka.


Abeka started with phonics-based readers, and traditional arithmetic textbooks and grew to comprise over 1,000 educational products from two-year-old preschool through twelfth grade for both Christian schools and homeschooling families. People with real experience teaching write all the Abeka textbooks, curriculum/lesson plans, and materials, helping students in homeschooling families around the world and in Christian schools of all sizes reach their learning potential.


Dr. Arlin Horton, the founder of Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola Christian Academy, and Abeka, has been an outstanding leader in the Christian school movement since 1954. Thousands of administrators across America have been inspired and helped by his willingness to share his practical wisdom. His quiet leadership and desire to help others have combined to make Abeka is America’s leading producer of textbooks for Christian schools.


Mrs. Beka Horton, the co-founder, has played the leading role in the development of the Abeka academic program. Through the years, she has faithfully invested her multiple talents to give balance and excellence to all areas of the school curriculum and has personally edited many of the materials published by Abeka.


For additional information about the Abeka curriculum, please visit their website. 




Bob Jones University History


Bob Jones University was established in 1927 by evangelist Bob Jones Sr.

Throughout his travels, Dr. Bob Jones Sr. saw students whose faith was shaken during college, and he recognized the need for a thoroughly Christian college that stood on the absolute authority of the Bible to train America’s youth.
His vision was to establish a training center for Christians from around the world that would be distinguished by its academic excellence, refined standards of behavior, and opportunities to appreciate the performing and visual arts. At the same time, Dr. Jones intended to make a place where Christ would be the center of all thought and conduct.


For additional information about Bob Jones University, please visit their website.



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